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Navy NEPA Programs in Hawaii

Navy nepa hawaii programs

Hawaii is especially rich in environmental resources. The Navy in Hawaii is aware of the special environment they live in and is frequently involved in efforts to help endangered species. Taking care of the environment is standard operating procedure for the Navy in Hawaii, and it has developed a set of protective measures to avoid harming environmental resources. The Navy works with many agencies and organizations to learn more about our environmental resources and is the largest source of funding of marine mammal research in the world.

Sea-Based X-Band Radar Environmental Assessment


This website has been established to provide you with a source for information about the preparation of the EA.

The Missile Defense Agency (MDA) needs to perform maintenance work on the SBX Radar Vessel. The vessel’s thrusters, which help move it through the water, require periodic maintenance to retain American Bureau of Shipping/U.S. Coast Guard certification, which is required for the vessel to operate. Thruster maintenance is needed to maintain a full suite of radars for anti-ballistic missile testing and defense.